Custom care for dry hair and dry scalp. Hair is left feeling clean and soft, while defended against scalp dryness with TIGI Copyright Custom Care Scalp Shampoo. This gentle shampoo is blended with tea tree oil and zinc, helping the scalp and hair retain moisture. TIGI’s exclusive Colour Care Complex, an expert blend of keratin, lipids and coconut oil, renews and fortifies. Leaves hair more vibrant and manageable, protected against environmental stressors.

To Use: Gently massage into wet hair and scalp, rinse out and follow with any TIGI Copyright Custom Care Conditioner.


Gentle shampoo which cares for scalp and hair

Moisturised hair with defence against scalp dryness

Leaves hair feeling clean and soft

Hair is more vibrant, manageable and protected from external aggressors

Tea tree oil: Moisturising and cleansing benefits for both the scalp and hair follicles

Zinc pyrithione: Cleans away nasties causing irritation

Colour Care Complex: A unique blend of keratin, coconut oil and lipids

Best for dry scalps and dry hair

Size: 300ml